THE Big DAY vs. Any other Big DAY – Theme parties

wine tasting theme party

wine tasting theme party

When we think about THE BIG DAY, people usually imagine a lavish wedding with flowing flower arrangements, soft music and gold dipped tableware. Ok, maybe that’s just me, but others also think about a wedding.

However, any important day in our lives can be turned into a BIG day: our parents anniversary, our brother’s 18th birthday, our cousin’s baptism or even our birthday or name day. So what is with weddings, why are these days considered the BIGGEST ones of all? My best guess is because with them it all begins…

Still, this is no reason not make all the other important days as big as possible.

We will start a series of articles with ideas o transforming the a simple event with friends and family into one special and unforgettable day.


#2: A theme party could be the answer to transforming a simple gathering with friends for your birthday into an event that everyone is waiting for impatiently.

My first suggestion: since I like very much wine and cheese, let’s talk about ideas for hosting a wine and cheese tasting party.


You can set everything up quite easy and even ask your guests to complete your wine collection for the evening by giving them precise indications to what wine to bring…


Also, you can check this feature on website for more ideas for organizing everything.


My advice: search for the perfect pairings between different wines and cheese you want to serve, so the result will be spectacular.

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Enjoy and let me know how your party turned out!


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