One of my favourite activities is to pretend I am a princess… Why do you think this place is called Project Fairytale? I know that I cannot be a real one so, transforming my real everyday life in a true fairytale is the closest I can get to this…
Writing, sending and receiving real letters is a hobby of mine and some of my friends even feed my obsession and communicate with me over mail (real mail that implies paper written letters that are sent using postal services).

Moreover, since we are talking about the noble way of life, a real letter would not be complete without a real wax seal featuring your initial or anything else that defines you.

If you wonder where you can find all the necessary “instruments” for applying your seal on the letters you will write and what is the less messy way to do it, visit HonestlyWTF? for a complete DIY tutorial.

Let me know how it turned out!

All images by HonestlyWTF


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