DIY: Glittery iPhone cases


Happy Friday, lovelies!

One of the things that brighten my days is sparkle. In any form: tinsel, glitter, fairy lights or sequins. While taking my daily dose of glitter from the Internet the other day, I was drawn towards this super cute DIY project: to transform your iPhone case in a sparkling wonder. I did a small dance of joy when I saw how easy it looked and now, the next step is to find a supplier that carries Mod Podge in Romania or start begging my friends that live in more “civilized” countries to send me a pot…

These are the steps that Grace from Design Sponge followed:



  • glitter
  • tinsel or streamers
  • Mod Podge
  • brushes
  • paint
  • scissors and/or hole punch
  • clear iPhone cases



glitter iphonecase


1. Assemble your glitter components. I used about a tablespoon-sized amount of glitter, tinsel and hand-cut streamers. To make the streamer parallelograms, I took a few strands and cut them long ways and then bunched them in a group and cut at an angle.

2. Working on one phone at a time (the glue dries really quickly), coat the inside of the case with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Distribute your glittery elements the way you’d like, dropping them from above or gently placing them with the tip of your finger. Try not to smudge or move the Mod Podge too much or you’ll leave a smear.

*If you want to just use small glitter, you can mix it into a small batch of Mod Podge and apply it directly in one step.

3. When your Mod Podge is totally dry, remove any excess glitter elements that didn’t full adhere, and either apply another coat and more glitter or move on to your paint.

*You can use a small Q-tip to remove excess glitter, paint or Mod Podge.

4. Apply a thin layer of paint (black was my favorite, because the glitter really stood out against it) and wait for it to fully dry. I did two thin coats on each phone.

5. Once the paint has fully dried (I let mine dry overnight), apply a final thin coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint. Attach to your phone, and you’re done!


What do you thing about this? Would you do it? Do you love sparkle as much as I do?


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