Hone Your Chops

the chef's guide to knives

I am not a great cook, but what I make is always good (and not only according to my opinion). I try to limit my cooking to the things I love to eat, which means that I also love to cook them. I was blessed with a mother that knew her ways around the kitchen, and I was fascinated by her skills when I was a child. Her hands seemed magical when she was chopping veggies with an amazing speed and the end results were always perfectly equal pieces.
I am still far behind her when it comes to chopping talents, but this is probably also due to the lack of exercise. This is why, one of my plans for 2013 is to try to cook more. And for that, besides talent and skills, I need the utensils.

This is a great guide for knowing the knife you need for different occasions, and also some tips to chop like a pro (my mother always repeated these tips me to when I was a teen, they are part of my subconscious now).

the chef's guide to knives




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