Wednesday Specials – Midnight Cravings


According to my friends I am a very strange person. I am sure that this is not actually true, but they are very amazed by the fact that, in the middle of the night, I do not crave for ice cream, chocolate or chocolate ice cream but for salty things… And from all things salty, if you offer me potatoes, you will surely enjoy my gratitude for a long time. I know this is not healthy or even sane, but I cannot help it… I do not give in to those craves (most of the times), but when I find a delicious looking pic on the Internet, I track down the recipe, save it and cannot wait to try it at home… This is the long story behind this picture I found on Pinterest one night.


The full recipe is on The Food Fox. Since I don’t think I could find a Medi Deli Casablanca Pesto, but I will replace it with my homemade pesto (I use this recipe).


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