DIY Midas Tumblers

gold foil tumbler glasses


Whenever I enter a store that could store any kind of glasses, I am instantly drawn to that section. Plates and other tableware bore me, but glasses, oh glasses! It could have something to do with my love for wine and cocktails, but that theory was not proved yet! Still, my budget does not allow me to buy all the beautiful glasses I fell in love with, so, any DIY idea, especially if it includes gold, is always welcomed.


This project was done by Erin from House of Earnest and all the pics and explanations are hers.


ONE tape off the bottom of a glass with blue painters tape and stick some dots onto the bottom, more concentrated at the top and less concentrated toward the bottom.
TWO cover the top of the glass with a sandwich bag and tape it down on the same tapeline as before.
THREE spray paint the bottom of the glass with a bright gold spray paint.
FOUR using a gold leaf pen, carry the dot motif up onto the top of the glass. More concentrated at the bottom and sparse toward the top.


Will you give it a try?


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