Weekend Kitchen

mint green kitchen wall tiles rug stripes

I saw this photo on Bright Bazaar the other day and I felt I could really enjoy waking up on a Saturday morning and starting to prepare something in that kitchen. Then my dream extended to the meals I would cook during a whole weekend and recipes started flying through my mind which lead to me being extremely hungry right after having quite a sufficient meal.

You may wonder why I did not imagine cooking there on a Monday or a Wednesday… Well, actually I only cook during the weekends. I always eat lunch at a restaurant or, worse, a fast-food (but I avoid this as much as I can) during weekdays, simply because our “kitchen” at work gives me the creeps. And on the rare occasions I have dinner, I do not have the audacity of pretending that making a salad or grilling a chicken breast qualifies as cooking.
Thus, I could even accept having access to this beautiful place only during Sundays and Saturdays and settling with my dim lit kitchen for the weekdays.

How about you? Do you cook on a regular basis? Or just for fun, from time to time or on weekends like me?

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