Inspiration: Abandoned

Project Fairytale: Abandoned

Project Fairytale: Abandoned
Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert

When I watch doomsday movies (Elysium is next on my list, maybe this week :)) I am really paying attention to the details of how our planet could look like in a not so far away future. Lately the seem so real, that you often wonder not if those things will happen, but when.
And this amazing set of pictures of the most beautiful 33 abandoned places shows real places that have been abandoned, some of them for a very long time, and they could easily serve as a location for the next “end of the Earth” film.

Project Fairytale: Abandoned
Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Project Fairytale: Abandoned
15th century monastery in the Black Forest in Germany

Project Fairytale: Abandoned
Michigan Central Station in Detroit

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