DIY: Homemade Cake Stands

Project Fairytale: DIY Cake stands

Project Fairytale: DIY Cake stands

I adore cake stands. Not just for displaying sweets or other food products, but also as a decorative element, where you can store jewels and other things. I have my eyes on a couple of stands from IKEA, but besides them, all the other options I found in the Romanian stores are really expensive. So, I remembered a photo I pinned some time ago. It was from The Crafts Department on Martha Stewart, and I found some more ideas there.

Project Fairytale: DIY Cake stands

It’s really easy, just glue a plate over an inverted bowl, and you’re done. You can go with all white china, painted, metal enameled plates and bowls… the possibilities are endless. If you use them for display, you can add porcelain decorations (easily found in any Romanian home).

Project Fairytale: DIY Cake stands

Have fun!

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    • Project Fairytale

      Written on September 27, 2013

      I plan to use a hot glue gun on the high heat setting (according to the source where I found this, it should hold); also a strong household cement like Duco cement should do the trick. Either way, HAND WASH the cake stand with warm (not hot) water.