DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults


Did you prepare your costume for this evening’s trick-or-treating? I must confess I did not, which means that this morning I started checking frantically the internet in search for some inspiration… Easy to do inspiration I mean, since I will have a maximum of two hours to put everything together 🙂
Here are my favourite costume ideas (also the ones I am considering), most of which can be replicated using clothes already in my dresser.

margot tenenbaum diy costume

Margot Tenenbaum via LoveMaegan

mary poppins halloween costume

Mary Poppins via KeikoLynn


Robbers via Spoonful

Rosie_The_Riveter_halloween _costume

Rosie the Riveter via Miss Drea

Right now my favourite is the robber costume (stylish black and white, stripes and a French air about it), but Margo Tenenbaum sounds also very tempting… Decisions, decisions… What is your favourite? Do you have any other ideas?


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