Inspiration: Christmas is Coming

red celine box bag project fairytale

pink snowman project fairytale

As it started snowing in Romania, I naturally started thinking about Christmas. As you may be aware, Christmas is always on my mind, but now I started THINKING about it (I ordered the first gifts yesterday, that is what THINKING means). I know it is only Thanksgiving, and everybody is talking about cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, but we do not celebrate it here, and the next big holiday on my list, with my birthday now far away behind, is CHRISTMAS!

And these are some of the things that remind me every day that we are only 28 days away from the time of joy and carol singing. All are from my Pinterest account, which abounds with similar images lately. Enjoy!

dreamy green coat project fairytale

fireplace bedroom home cozy warm and fuzzy project fairytale

long cardingan black stiletto shoes project fairytale

red celine box bag project fairytale

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