Sunday Morning Photo Inspiration and a Quote

wedding light black and white beautiful church door kiss

wedding light black and white beautiful church door kiss

Happy Sunday! I am in a very strange mood. It probably has to do with the fact that Christmas is over and I need to simplify everything around me after the frenzy of the holidays. I started with food and now it is my wardrobe’s turn.

Hence the quote: Buy less, choose well. With all the sales madness around I am easily convinced I need a lot of new things in my life, if their price is heavily discounted. But the truth is, I don’t. I actually need to save some money, in order to make happen some of the plans I made last year. And the Universe is a big help: twice I wanted to buy something online this week and after I put in my virtual shopping basket I got the message the item was no longer in stock. Finally got the message, I’ll stop 🙂

buy less choose well vivienne westwood quote inspiration

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