Sunday Morning Photo Inspiration and a Quote

Delphine Manivet Bridal Fashion by Elizabeth Messina

Delphine Manivet Bridal Fashion by Elizabeth Messina

The wedding dress image is simply stunning. There is no more that can be said about it. Elizabeth Messina is a goddess when it comes to this kind of shots and I am a devoted and humble believer.

What I wanted to talk with you about today was the quote. Whenever I post quotes, I like to investigate the source. I know there are many pretty images all around the World Wide Web featuring inspiring words by great people, that were actually never said by those people. They might have thought about it, even pronounced that array of words to themselves, but there is no actual evidence someone heard it. That is not exactly the case with this quote. But it might be wrongfully attributed to Carl Sagan. The phrase was printed in a 1977 edition of Newsweek, that featured a cover story with an extended profile of Sagan titled “Seeking Other Worlds”. The phrase appears at the end of the text, but it is not enclosed into quotation marks, as the rest of Sagan’s words. So, either it was written by one of the reporters that wrote the whole article, either the quotation marks were accidentally omitted. Either way, if US President Barack Obama used this phrase and attributed it to Sagan, rightfully or not, I will use it too… For the complete investigation regarding this quote and its source, please check Quote Investigator

Somewhere, something incredibile is waiting to be known - carl sagan

“SOMEWHERE, SOMETHING incredible is waiting to be known.”—Carl Sagan

Have a great Sunday!

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