Beauty Notes: Magnifique Skin

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Last week, when it was still warm and sunny I attended a lovely event organized by Magnifique Skin, a new concept in skin care. The concept reunites seven new ranges of innovating dermocosmetics products created in the French laboratories of ACM and Lysaskin. They address and successfully treat the most common dermatological problems, from dried skin, atopy, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, irritated skin, molluscum contagiosum, acne, seborrhea, to hair and fingernails and even sunscreen.


One of the biggest innovations and my personal favourite so far is the Urodium ingredient – a patented combination of active ingredients that mixes the specific ingredient, urea, with a key element in a specific concentration – sodium chloride. I called this line my favourite, because my dermatologist recommended me creams with urea for my dried skin on my legs and it worked miracles. And the pleasant texture of the Magnifique skin products and the discrete scent (the body lotion has no smell, yaaay) is just perfection for me.

I will come back to ou with a review of some of the products 🙂

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