Style Inspiration: Boîte des Merveilles

Boîte des Merveilles

Boîte des Merveilles

I want to take this occasion and introduce you with a new brand of accessories on the Romanian market, brand which is also available for international customers: Boîte des Merveilles. Boîte des Merveilles is not a Box with Wonders, it’s actually a Box of Wonders, a magical object in itself that can transpose your favorite book in a stylish accessory.

Boîte des Merveilles

We are talking about luxurious book-clutches that will enable you to wear your favorite book whenever you want to feel special. The clutches can be made of artificial or natural leather, lined with luxurious red plush and you can choose between three possibilities for the cover. You can opt either for one of three titles that are part of the brand’s first collection: Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby and La Belle et la Bête, a colored plush cover or you can personalize a leather cover with your chosen text. The best part: you can choose all of the above options and even add others, as the covers can be changed between them making it appear you are wearing a different bag each time.

Boîte des Merveilles

Boîte des Merveilles

Pride and Prejudice by Boîte des Merveilles

And now, my question to all of you: What book would you wear? As you might have imagined (after all, I named my blog Project Fairytale), I chose the black leather version of La Belle et La Bête and I just love it (I am also anxiously waiting for the movie premiere of the French version of the fairytale. More details here )

La Belle et la Bête by Boîte des Merveilles

Photos via Boîte des Merveîlles. The las one is from my Instagram account, featuring my own bag <3<3<3.

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