Wednesday's Specials: No Bake Caramel Cheese Cake with Toffee Shards

Project Fairytale: Caramel Cheese Cake

Project Fairytale: Caramel Cheese Cake

I am staying at home enjoying a chicken pox eruption all over my body… literally all over! That is the reason of my absence (that and the fact that last week I was in Rome). And now I though it would be appropriate to share something sweet, delicious and with caramel…


250g (13 biscuits) caramel Tim Tam biscuits
90g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
300mls thickened cream
500g Philadelphia cream cheese (2 x 250g packs), softened at room temperature
3/4 cup white caster sugar
1 tspn vanilla extract
40mls boiled water
3 tspns powdered gelatine
8 caramel Tim Tam biscuits, extra, chopped coarsely

1/2 cup white sugar
30mls water

Project Fairytale: Caramel Cheese Cake

The rest of the recipe and more photos on the lovely blog A Splash of Vanilla


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