Friday's Specials: Christmas Millefeuille Cake

Project Fairytale: Cristmas Millefeuille Cake

Project Fairytale: Ideas for a Cristmas Cake

Breaking the habit a little, since Christmas is just around the corner and its Eve falls in a Wednesday (mea culpa, I wasted the previous occasions with Chinese food :p), I wanted to share with you this wonderful cake From the Kitchen, which I hope will inspire your dessert choice this year.

And I also would like to share my personal favorite Christmas dessert story: it’s a similar cake, without a particular name in Romanian (my grandma knows only its Hungarian name) and whose English correspondent I do not know. But it’s not Christmas without it. It’s white and sweet, with a hint of vanilla and the tanginess of the rosehip jam that fills its middle and has the best white filling you might have tasted in your life (and be advised, I am not a fan of white cake, dark chocolate and caramel are my go to fillings on a normal day). And my grandma makes it every year (hopefully she will continue to make it for many years to come) at least for Christmas, knowing it’s my favorite. I will probably share pics of it before it’s devoured, on Instagram, so make sure you follow me, @sinziananastase.

The complete recipe for the Christmas Mille Feuille and some precious how-to hints on Sarah’s From the Kitchen.


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