Inspiration: Anothe Unique Idea for a Valentine's Day Gift

Project Fairytale

Project Fairytale

Continuing with the Valentine’s Day theme, I have yet another idea for a unique gift: couple dance lessons. They can help you discover yourselves and your partner better, are tremendously romantic and will also ensure that you will be the ones to steal the show at the next event you attend together.

Project Fairytale

The benefits of dancing with your loved one can be seen from the first lesson and the most important of them is the strong connexion that forms between the two partners. During the dance, be it a slow rumba or a more active swing number, the partners need to coordinate their moves perfectly and in harmony and this goes on even outside the dance floor.

And if you are wondering where you can do this, well, Arthur Murray has a plan for you: they offer couples dance lessons in their Bucharest dance studio at 87 Nicolae Caranfil Street, 2nd floor.
I’ve written about them and their more than one century history here.

Images via Arthur Murray

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