DIY: Gorgeous Fabric Wrapped Gift Boxes

Project Fairytale: DIY

Project Fairytale: DIY

If you love making gifts you must also like them took as nice as possible, which, for some people is easily achieved through a very nice gift wrap with some personal touches. But after many gifts given and received, I started to look for more original ideas for my presents, and these beautiful fabric wrapped favour boxes caught my eyes. They look simple enough to be made even by my clumsy hands and they look great. Plus, in any fabric shop you will find a selection of leftover materials in gorgeous prints and colors at really affordable prices 🙂

Project Fairytale: DIY

What you’ll need:

• 3″ or 4″ square favor box
• Fabric (these prints and more here)
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Double-stick tape (optional)

Project Fairytale: DIY

The rest of the instructions:

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