DIY: Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Easter DIY | Project Fairytale

Easter DIY | Project Fairytale

Easter is fast approaching and each year I am looking for creative ways to decorate the eggs. This is my favourite part when preparing for Easter. Me and my mum always color the eggs on Maundy Thursday, according to the Orthodox tradition and make some of them using onion peels and decorating with leaves from the garden. I also like to add some that I decorate myself, sometimes painting them directly, other times applying all kinds of stickers.

Easter DIY | Project Fairytale

But as all my ideas seemed a little old already, having been used previously, this DIY project found on JennaBurgerDesign made me really excited: it looks easy, I have all the supplies at home (namely crayons and the eggs that will be bought) and the effect is really nice. I can already picture these pretty babies poking their heads from the basket 🙂

Easter DIY | Project Fairytale

The whole process and more pics on JennaBurgerDesign

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