Wednesday's Specials: Chocolate Macaroon Cake with Orange Buttercream

Project Fairytale

Project Fairytale

This is a gorgeous cake and ever since I saw it, I cannot stop thinking of different reasons to make it (Easter, my father’s birthday, just because…). I am trying to cut down on sugar, summer is near, or at least I hope it is (it snowed in Romania yesterday) and I started eating as many light salads and other fresh plants as possible. I am lucky to really enjoy eating light food but I do crave sweets, especially during stress filled periods. But, in my defense this cake does not look all that bad, it has no flour, it’s sugar level is kept quite low aaaand I even thought of replacing the butter cream with a cheese cream and going for a non-fat version… Genius, ha? I think I will make it for Easter, cannot wait!

I discovered this delicious wonder on My Name is Yeh and her post made it very hard for me to choose a photo to illustrate this post. They are all soo, so gorgeous.

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