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Project Fairytale

I wanted to start this week in a different manner. First, please let me say the warmest and most love-filled Happy Birthday to one of my best friends who is celebrating today: Happy Birthday, sweety!!!  <3

Project Fairytale

Now, what do I mean by different? I want to talk to you about a subject that has little or nothing to do with fashion or cooking or interior design but can have everything to do with improving your life(style) and helping you achieve your dreams. I hope I can keep up with this type of posts from time to time, as sometimes expressing my ideas in writing can also help me do what I preach and be more organized about it.

So, today’s lesson is about being open to change and learn all through your life

While talking with a friend yesterday I concluded that there are three kind of people in this world: those who were born with a clear idea of who they are, who they want to become and how they want to get there, regardless of exterior factors, those who search for this for a while but manage to figure it out at a certain point in their lives (usually towards the end of their teenage years) and those that are constantly searching for their identity but have a lot of hardship on their way.Project Fairytale

The first category, those that know everything from their infancy period,that were never slaves of any trends (and I not talking only fashion, although the whole concept can be really easy explained with fashion related examples) are not our focus today. They are happy little creatures that find extensive pleasures in their own world; they know exactly what makes them happy or sad and what they need to fulfill their lives. And most of the time they just go out and get it. I am not saying they don’t have their own insecurities or difficult moments, but they manage to sort things out by themselves and in a more expedited manner than the other categories…

Neither the second category will be our focus; those people who figured out things after their teenage years are also quite happy little creatures. If they know where they want to get, they will also figure a way to get there. It might get hard along the way, but with a clear focus, they will make it to the finish line someday or, if they get lost on the path, at least they had vision of where they were heading. And I do believe in the importance of the journey as well as that of the destination.

The third category is more special… these people do not know where they are going, what they want to become or what they like. They could be happy and meet other people who will serve as guides for their journey, but these are rare situations and sometimes the guide can take you his/her own personal destination and you might never discover your own.


Project Fairytale


I was one of these people up until recently: I had no clear view of what lied ahead of me and I was quite worried that I did not have a particular plan for my future. I had not big goals, my life was not planned by quinquennials (the question where you see yourself in five years seemed like big challenge for me), I had no idea about how my future should look like. One day I started to worry about this, about being different from most of the people I knew. But it lasted only a few seconds… I realized I had a goal, a life purpose and a plan. It was not a five-year plan, it might even take forever to accomplish it, but I had one. I had a goal, I knew who I wanted to be and who I wanted to share my journey with. And that was enough. I realized that everything that happened to me until now helped me become who I am now, I realized that I didn’t need the same things as most of my friends, that I don’t need to squeeze my life and my personality in any of society’s patterns and that I can do whatever I want. And I realized that I am closer than I ever imagined to the first category described above.

But getting here was not that easy: I still have my insecurities, my failures and my constant fear of failure, my bad days and my letting go of friends. I also have my perfect days, my successes, my confidence in myself and my new and old friends. And all these are my learning experiences, the things that shaped my current life and who I am.

I never stopped learning, taking in everything I felt could be important for me (even the things that seemed to be utterly useless proved their utility at some point) and be open for any opportunity. It’s really important to be able to listen and to manage to filter the information you get, to have an open mind and a more open soul. To try to accept the things you see and hear and take with you what you feel could help you along the way. Never apologize for who you are and for the decisions you take (unless they hurt others, in that case you MUST apologize!).

And never forget to LEARN!

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