Wednesday Specials: Gelato Affogato Al Caffè

Project Fairytale

Project Fairytale

As I started a new job (*excited*) and my love for Italy is increasing day by day (one week and a half before Capri, yaaaaii!) I thought I share with you today a very Italian or “EATalian” coffee recipe for starting your mornings full of energy 🙂


Servings: 2 | Time: 5-10 minutes, tops!

2 shots (4-6 oz total) of coffee (brewed with moka or espresso machine)
2 big scoops (or 4 small scoops) of gelato (vanilla, coffee or chocolate all work great)

1. Place one or two scoops of gelato in each cup.
2. Pour a small amount of coffee (1 espresso shot) over gelato and add any other toppings, if using. Serve immediately (it melts quickly)!

More gorgeous pics and information on VERYEATALIAN

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