Wednesday’s Specials: Asparagus, Brocoli, Pesto and Eggs for a Delicious Breakfast

Project Fairytale

Project Fairytale

I have been busy like hell in the last period and that included weekends. I could not enjoy a proper breakfast in quite some time and it started to affect me: I dream of gorgeous eggs Benedict, avocado on toast, rivers of good coffee and bread with butter and sour cherry jam. I think all comes from the fact that I didn’t travel to a hotel in a while and in my summer holiday we stayed in a rental apartment and, to speed things up in the morning, a yoghurt and a croissant was enough. But as soon as the weather will get colder and the mornings spent at home instead of sudden road trips I will get back to cooking proper breakfast food… Or go out for brunch in some of my fave places 😉

And this (or something really similar) will the first thing I will try as it features some of my favourite ingredients: asparagus, eggs, pesto and brocoli. Add some avocado with chili flakes on toast and we’re all set.


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