The Benefits Behind Choosing A Tailored Engagement Ring

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Going custom can really help you create something distinctly creative for your loved one. If you find yourself tossing and turning between choosing a pre-made and a custom-made engagement ring, this article can help. It shows you the benefits of opting for a bespoke design and reveals why it can be the right choice for you.

You may be weighing up the pros and cons, thinking it is easier and quicker to go for a ring off the jewellery store shelf. But there are many great benefits that come with creating your own unique design. This life-long piece of jewellery is probably one of the biggest and most important purchases you will ever make. It accompanies the moment in your life you will never forget and for when she says ‘yes’, you’ll want to choose something she will always remember. So if you want to scale up the sophistication, shopping on a site such as Simon West Jewellery is the way forward.

The process of creating a custom ring may seem intimidating but if you choose the right jewellers, the journey will be smooth. When you visit our website today, you will discover some of the finest diamond engagement rings just waiting to be tailored by you. If you are still in two minds about choosing a custom ring, check out some of the benefits it has:

  • It’s all down to you – you get to choose the perfect diamond or gem that reflects your loved ones personality. It doesn’t get more personal than that. You will be guided through the process by a professional jeweller who will make sure you make the right choice. Therefore, the engagement ring will be perfect because it has been made from scratch. Your fiancé will never forget the hard work and effort you put into creating the completely unique ring.
  • More sentimental value – an engagement ring always carries some sentimental value no matter what. However getting a ring custom-made takes this value to the next level. It comes from you, your imagination, and your heart thus shows just how much you care for your true love.
  • High quality – when you veer off the path of the mass-produced, you know you are heading towards something special. Forget about all of the cloned jewellery out there, on the shelves purely to make profits. You can create something much more meaningful that no one else will ever own. Make that special person in your life know just how special they truly are to you. You can get inspiration from the jeweller’s catalogue if you need a good starting point. For example, the princess cut diamond earrings by Simon West Jewellery are stunning and may spark creativity.
  • Personalised customer service – normally, when you opt for a tailored engagement ring, you will get customer service that’s second to none. From the consultation right down to the design process, you will feel valued and important every step of the way.
  • There are no limitations to the design – once you find a talented jeweller who has a wealth of experience behind them, there’s no stopping your imagination. There is an experienced team at Simon West have been creating Jewellery for decades. This means there’s no doubt that whatever your dream is, they can make it happen.
  • You dictate every last detail – you decide exactly how you want everything. From the diamond, the gem, the metal to the cut of the stone, you name it! There are absolutely no compromises in tailored engagement ring design.
  • One of a kind – when you opt for custom-made, you get guaranteed uniqueness. You get complete control over the intricacies of the design. However, you will also get the input and guidance of a skilled and experienced jeweller. They may give you advice that will lead you in a direction even better than you imagined.

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