Outdoors: Why Vinyl Siding is the Superior Choice for Cladding


Vinyl cladding has been a mainstay of the building industry for many decades and continues to improve and change with each passing year. When compared to repairing, preparing, and painting old weatherboards there really is no contest; vinyl cladding easily beats the alternatives on every front. This superior product has many benefits that make it the number one choice for freshening up a tired building while saving time and money in the process. Read on to find out why vinyl siding is the top choice for cladding.

Sturdy and Rugged

Modern siding is 7mm thick and designed to last for many years. It cannot be easily damaged like the siding from the days of old could. It is impervious to rot, decay and infestation by termites, borers and other insects, and is completely waterproof.

Long Lasting

Depending on the brand of siding purchased, warranties can range from 25 to 50 years. A single installation is enough to protect ones home for decades. The same can definitely not be said for a coat of paint.

Environmental Benefits

Using vinyl cladding means no trees are needed to be cut down in order to create weatherboards. Less energy is used in the manufacturing of cladding than that of the energy intensive requirements used to fire bricks in massive kilns. This equals less pollution and more energy saved for better purposes.

Never Needs Painting

Painting a weatherboard house is expensive, time consuming and tedious and the worst thing about it is that it will need to be done over and over again throughout the years. Meanwhile the boards require more and more repair, not to mention preparation such as sanding, bogging, patching, replacing, priming, and eventual repainting, often with more than one coat.

As people age they are less capable of climbing ladders and scaffolds and often lack the stamina required to undertake such a mammoth task as repainting an entire house.

Vinyl cladding means the job is done once and never needs thinking about again except for a quick wash with soap and water every year or so. The cost benefits are significant and the savings made compared to a lifetime of building maintenance cannot be underestimated. Honestly, who wants to be regularly repainting their house every 5 – 8 years to save it from falling into disrepair when there are so many better things in life to get on with?

Provides a Modern Facelift

Vinyl cladding provides an instant modern facelift that really can breathe new life into a tired building façade. This is especially appealing for home owners who want to sell their property and are looking to present it in its best possible light but don’t have the time or money to repaint. Compared to painting, the cost of cladding is surprisingly low and the job can be completed in mere days rather than weeks.

No Chips, Flakes, Peeling or Fading

Once installed, vinyl cladding is maintenance free apart from an occasional washing down. Cladding is colour fast and won’t fade or leech and nor will it chip, flake, or peel. Modern cladding has been manufactured to the highest standards to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is UV resistant and will not break down or degrade with the passing of time.


Installing vinyl cladding is very inexpensive, often being significantly cheaper than a single repainting of the house and definitely saves money over the life of the building when compared to repainting costs. Cladding can be installed quickly, so there is no need for noisy tradespeople doing maintenance for weeks or months on end irritating occupants and neighbours alike.

Insulating Properties

Having a building clad in vinyl also delivers insulating properties and reduces external noise pollution as well as keeping the house slightly cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This is especially true with cladding that is up to 7mm thick as it creates a snug barrier that protects from both noise and climate.

All in all it is easy to see that vinyl cladding is an outstanding performer that beats the alternatives by a country mile. Not only does it look great and saves time and money by avoiding maintenance; it is also sturdy, rugged, durable, and long lasting. The decision of whether to make the switch by having siding installed seems to be more a question of when, rather than if.

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