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Tacky is the last word you want associated with your homecoming dress. However, girls often make mistakes when it comes to choosing the design of their dress that makes it look less on the classy side and more on the tacky side. This article provides some of the dos and don’ts of homecoming dress shopping so you can ensure you get the best dress possible.

Once you know what to look for and what to avoid it can be much simpler to choose one that looks classy. You don’t need to spend hundreds to find a dazzling dress. The truth is that you can still spend a reasonable amount of money on something elegant. With so many online stores offering great deals and sale sections, you can start your search here. Peaches Boutique has the best homecoming dresses collection and is a fantastic place to start when looking for expensive looking homecoming dresses without the high price tag.

So here are some things you want to stay clear of when choosing a homecoming dress:

  • Never go too bright. Think that going bold is daring? It is indeed. But there’s the right kind of bold and the wrong kind of bold. Garishly bright colored dresses can be a bold statement you don’t want to make.

If you are shopping at designer boutiques, it may be possible to find a neon colored homecoming dress that doesn’t look tacky. Otherwise, it will really spoil your look especially if the fabric quality isn’t great and the color clashes with your skin tone. If you wanted something a little different, why not choose more muted tones such as pastels. On the other end of the spectrum you could go for darker shades such as deep greens or black.

  • The poofy, Disney-style dress mistake. Many young ladies want to feel like a princess on their homecoming day. We don’t blame you! It’s the one night you get to dress up and be as glamorous as you want with all your closest friends around you. However you don’t want to go too far on the frills and puffiness of the dress. Doing so will look tacky.

 Instead, why not try a simpler more elegant design that suits your body shape. If you want some expensive looking designs at a reasonable price, visit Here you will discover higher-end style dresses without all the excess ruffles. Look like a true lady when you enter the homecoming by avoiding the cheap frills and go with something classy.

  • Be careful when it comes to embellishments. You don’t need an eye for detail to spot a cheap looking dress. It’s often the embellishments added to the dress that contribute to its tacky look and feel. If you choose the right homecoming style with smaller details that are of high quality stitching, this is a great start. Make sure you get up close and personal to the dress so you can check the finer details. Also, you want to make sure the embellishments aren’t so bold they distract from the dress’ style. This will also give you a tacky overall homecoming look.
  • Stay well away from the leopard prints and feathers. I know we probably don’t need to tell you this one but some girls still make this mistake. Choosing these styles is the ultimate fashion mistake at your homecoming and will really cheapen your overall look. Too much dazzle and too many glued on gems also won’t help achieve the classy look you want.

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