The Finer Details: 10 Things Brides Often Forget

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Planning a wedding is no easy task, especially when most of the burden falls on one person, the beautiful bride-to-be. It is a meticulous process involving a seemingly never-ending list of demands. Because the complex inner workings of a wedding require so much for success, it’s no surprise that brides sometimes overlook the finer details.


Before the menus are printed and the seating chart is completed, invitations must be sent. Typical wedding invitations outweigh a standard piece of post. So, instead of obtaining your postage up front, have a completed invitation weighed at the post office to ensure adequate postage is purchased and you’ll avoid a mailbox full of returned invitations.

Though everything is going to run smoothly on your wedding day, it’s always good to have a strategy in place in case of unfavourable weather. Don’t get caught in the rain without a plan (or an umbrella).

It won’t be until your gown is being photographed that you notice the unappealing plastic or wire hanger from which your dress hangs. Avoid this mistake by purchasing a simple, elegant wooden or custom hanger as an attractive alternative.

Checking into the hotel on the wedding night will be the last thing on a bride’s mind after the biggest day of her life. To prepare, appoint a friend or family member to take care of this while you’re getting pampered.


Creating a complete itinerary for the day, for everyone involved, is a helpful way for the bridal party to stay on top of the day’s activities and schedule. Of course the bride knows the day inside and out, but a detailed itinerary ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Because this may not always apply, it’s easy to overlook the possibility of your guests suffering from food allergies. Be sure your caterers confirm with your guests to avoid a possible crisis.

Your hardworking vendors will get hungry as well so don’t forget to coordinate with your caterer to provide meals for your photographer, musicians, planner, and everyone else involved.

If there will be children present, plan ahead for special activities. Providing games or colouring books will keep then occupied and entertained. Wedding Venues in the North-West such as Heaton House might provide garden games, bouncy castles, and even cricket on the lawn if that’s your wish.


When the party has ended, the evidence of such a wonderful day will be plenty. Gifts and cards, leftover décor, cake cutters and champagne flutes might be among the items needing to be removed from the venue. Assigning a family member or friend to collect all of the items is a huge help in alleviating stress from your wedding day.

Online reviews of wedding vendors factor significantly in deciding whom you will choose for your event. Don’t forget to leave reviews of your own to show appreciation for their work and help future brides like yourself.

No one expects the bride to take care of every small detail alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or assign tasks to those ready and willing to help on your big day. With the collective efforts of everyone involved, the chances of overlooking the finer details will be slim to none.


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