Wednesday’s Specials: Mussels with Spinach Sautée, Parmesan and Hot Chilli Sauce

@pfairytale Mussels with Spinach Sautée and Hot Chilli Sauce

This is a thing I have cooked in the weekend without having too much time but wanting to have a nice dinner as well. So I went for the easy way, something that was ready in literally 15 minutes (I thing it took me more to arrange everything and photograph it than actually cooking).

Whenever I want something quick, easy to make but still delicious I chose a house favourite: sautéed spinach as a side. And I had some mussels in the freezer (buying and cleaning a fresh batch would have taken forever, but I usually prefer this hard way for the better and fresher taste).

@pfairytale Mussels with Spinach Sautée and Hot Chilli Sauce

So I took about 500g of spinach leaves, a bag of frozen mussels (I think about 300g), salt, pepper, chilli flakes, hot chilli sauce and some grated parmesan. Plus butter, a must in every dish :p

I left the spinach soften in a pan for a few minutes, added the butter, salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Put the frozen mussels in another pan and leave them until they start simmering and some of the water evaporates. Added a small pinch of salt and a little pepper (they have a strong flavour so I did not want to ruin it) and they were ready.

Put everything together on a large plate (I always like to make the food look appealing, even if it’s just plain cheese and tomatoes), added a drizzle of hot chilli sauce and sprinkled with parmesan. Added some vinho verde in the pretty glasses and enjoyed everything with love <3

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