How to Modernize Your Cast Iron Radiator with Colour

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There’s no doubt that cast iron radiators make a statement. The antique models elevate period décor by giving it an authentic touch native only to bygone eras, but can also be used to create an eclectic look in a modern space. There are many merits to cast iron radiators, chief among them their durability and ability to provide even heating that fills every square inch of a room, but they are also heavily desired for their aesthetic qualities. To make a cast iron radiator fit into any space, all it takes is a coat of paint. Here we discuss tips on how to choose a paint colour for your radiator to bring it into the 21st century.

The benefit of custom ordering a radiator, like those from is that you can select its finish. There are options available to suit every taste and style, and having your unit professionally finished ensures that paint will endure throughout the lifespan of your radiator.

Go bold

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to have your radiator scream modernity is by painting it a bright, solid colour. Instead of allowing your radiator to wilt in the corner like a shrinking violet, make it the star of the show! For many years now, interior designers have been making industrial and architectural features the focal point of the room. This adds a bit of whimsy to your space, and a touch of the unexpected. To choose the right pop of colour, evaluate your current design scheme and choose a shade that is either in your current palette, or else a complementary colour that will offset the existing tones in the room. Or, you could go completely mod and choose a bright colour that doesn’t appear anywhere else, to really draw attention to your radiator.

Mix Metals

With many modern trends relying heavily on the use of industrial and salvaged metals, painting your radiator a shade of gold, copper, silver or brass would put you at the very height of fashion. For this look to be most effective, it should look weathered and worn – like it has naturally aged.

Try Monochromatic

Black and white goes with everything, so why not keep it modern classic by giving your vintage design a chic and sophisticated paint job? If you want to add a twist, consider a high gloss finishes that will give your radiator a polished or lacquered look.

Stick with Vintage

As the saying goes, everything old becomes new again. This is especially true with interior design, as vintage, retro, and antique styles are consistently finding themselves in even the most modern of homes. The key to keeping décor from looking unintentionally old fashioned, is by offsetting it with modern elements. Your radiator can reference the days of yore by imitating the colours and painting techniques that were used throughout various historical periods. Hand painting and ornate carving were popular techniques throughout the Edwardian period, for example, so this can be replicated on a modern radiator to give it an authentic antique look. Neutral colours such as cream, grey, white, and pewter were most common, and these will also fit into any modern space. By pairing a vintage look with clean, crisp furnishing, the effect remains contemporary and not at all dated.

Because of its striking design, it’s hard to make a cast iron radiator look bad, and it’s easy to update it to a modern look. Whatever your personal style, whether bohemian or minimalist, there are seemingly endless options for the look of your radiator – and the best part is that it’s all up to you!

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