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Today, we are going to look at ideas for a fairytale playroom. If you have the space, a dedicated kid’s play area is a great idea. You can create a magical space for your children to enjoy, that also ensures that most of their toys are kept to one part of the house. A playroom means no more nagging the kids to put their toys away, so it is a great way to make your home more peaceful as well as tidier.

The walls

The biggest decision you have to make is how to decorate the walls. What you put on the walls has a big impact on the look and feel of the room. My suggestion is that you take a look at the wall stickers on this site, and choose something that fits in with the particular fairytale theme you have chosen.

Of course, if you are good at art you can do your own murals. If this is an option, and your children are old enough, they can help you by colouring in the outline that you draw. Paint pens are great for this.

Window decor

You can do something similar when you choose the curtains or blinds. Look for something that fits in with your theme. If the room is going to include a screen for your children to watch TV or play video games, you need to make sure that the curtains or blinds are thick enough to keep the light out.


Because most children have a lot of toys, you need to incorporate plenty of storage into any playroom. A great option is toy boxes or trunks.

These can double up nicely as a place to sit and read a book if you locate them in a corner, put a cushion on top and provide the kid’s with some big throw cushions to put between their back and the wall.

The style of the trunks you choose is up to you. For a fairytale themed room, treasure chests work particularly well. Another good option is to buy ordinary square toy chests, or storage boxes, and decorate them with decals, or hand paint them with characters you know your children like.

Shelving for books, and toys like dolls, teddies, transformers and games work well in most playrooms. It is a good idea to build them so that they are adjustable. That way you can move things around as your child’s taste in toys changes.


A great option for finishing off the room is cheap flooring from Discount Flooring Depot. This firm sells a big range of low cost flooring, which would look great in a playroom.

One of the best choices is laminated wood. This type of flooring looks good, comes in a range of styles and tones, and is inexpensive and very durable. It is also easy to maintain, all you need to do is to sweep it regularly and occasionally mop it over. The nicest thing about this type of flooring is the way it feels, it is never cold, and there is no trip hazard, which makes it perfect for a playroom.

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  • Alexandra

    Written on June 30, 2016

    Can you please do something like this but for a grown up bedroom and livingroom? That would be awesome ? Keep up the good work! ???