Selecting the Right Ring Setting for Her Diamond Engagement Ring


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A setting is a very important part of choosing any diamond engagement rings. The setting essentially frames the diamond and gives it a beautiful frame, really bringing it to the fore. So as you may have guessed, choosing the right setting can make all the difference to a diamond ring.

Before you start thinking too deeply about it all, we have put together a handy and accessible article which lists some of the most popular settings and how to spot them. This way you can see what each one entails and which one will suit your other half.

It’s definitely worth printing out some images and familiarizing yourself with them as there can be certain pros and cons to certain settings. Knowing what they are can help you make the right choice as every woman’s lifestyle is different. Also the setting will depend on personal style preferences and the budget you had in mind.

Maybe you want to see some stunning settings in action at Serendipity Diamonds who sell some beautiful engagement rings in the UK. Whilst you browse see if you can spot the following settings…

Different setting types

  • Prong: the prong setting is when there are 6 claw-like fixtures which set the stone and hold it in a clasp. These prongs can come in various shapes from pointed to flat. It really depends on the seller and store you are shopping at. It’s important to remember the fewer the prongs, the more it will show off the diamond. So opt for four if you can. On the other hand, if your finance has a more hands-on job, the six prong fixture will keep the diamond in hold much firmer. The great thing about the prong design is it can also allow for the diamond to be cleaned easily but they can scratch.
  • The Tension setting: this setting uses minimal metal that creates a compression-spring pressure to keep the diamond set in its place. This setting is beautiful as it makes the stone appear as though it floats in the air and lets the line shine through for the ultimate sparkle. One of the downsides are the minimal metal means there is less protection for the diamond so more care should be taken.
  • The Bezel setting: this is when the metal structure is partly surrounding the corners of the stone! The bezel helps keep the stone securely in place and ensures a smooth surface making this setting a bit more practical.
  • The channel setting: this has become a common choice for engagement rings as it incorporates a row of diamonds together and horizontally. If you wanted this design but is out of your budget, think about going for rounder diamonds instead of square as they are lower in price. You can find different sizes at reputable jewellery stores like Serendipity Diamonds.
  • The bar setting: is basically when the metal holds rows of stones vertically and can be featured on just a little or the entire ring. This is more of a protective setting so is great for an active lifestyle however the rougher edges can make this style a little uncomfortable.

Now you know some of the most popular settings, you should have a better idea when choosing the best setting for your fiancés diamond ring.

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