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When it comes time to make your love official by agreeing to ‘put a ring on it’ with a marriage proposal, you want to make the special moment one to treasure forever by giving the perfect engagement ring to suit your bride-to-be.

For many people, the search for the right engagement ring can be surprisingly stressful. The range of choices is often overwhelming and depending on the duration of your quest, all the many styles, stones and cuts can soon start to blend into a mind boggling blur that seem increasingly confusing.

A wonderful way to head off such difficulties and ensure your engagement ring is totally unique is to have it custom made by a professional jeweller. There are many advantages to commissioning a handmade ring, so let’s dive right in by clarifying a few of the major benefits.

Freedom of Choice

The best part about having your diamond engagement ring handmade is the complete freedom of choice that it allows. Rather than having to accept one of the many mass-produced options available to everyone who shops at the local high street or suburban mall, you can wear your ring proudly, knowing that there is no other ring in the world exactly like it.

You will have had a hand in creating something very specific to your own tastes. The meaning that your ring conveys is made all the more special because of the care and devotion you have contributed to it.

Diverse Elements

With a handmade diamond engagement ring, you can source the varying elements from a variety of places and have them configured in any combination you desire. For example, many people repurpose the stones from family heirlooms to create something modern and unique and in harmony with their specific tastes.

If you happen to like bright colours, then it is possible to combine rubies, emeralds, diamonds or many other gemstones to make vibrant patterns and settings that would be impossible to find in a standard jewellery store.

Greater Financial Control

Having your engagement ring handmade to perfection at www.diamondsforless.ca allows one to purchase the elements individually over time as one’s budget allows. Rather than spending a chunk of money all at once, there is the option to perhaps buy the diamonds in stage.

Smaller diamonds can be purchased for very reasonable prices and put away for a later date. Larger diamonds can be purchased following a windfall, tax return or special bonus or influx of cash.

It is even possible to follow the prices of gold and platinum and buy these precious metals at significant savings when the market suits and have them incorporated into the ring when the time is right.

A Shared Experience

Many couples enjoy the process of designing an engagement ring that holds special significance unique to their personalities and preferences. It can be a positive bonding experience to contemplate what marriage means and create a symbolic form that embodies such sentiments.

The process can also be repeated and improved upon when it comes time for wedding rings to be crafted. Couples can have matching elements incorporated into their design that make their loving bond even more tangible.

With the aid of a skilled craftsperson, a unique handmade diamond engagement ring is within the budget of every couple and can readily be made with great ease. It is deeply satisfying to look at your diamond engagement ring and know that it exists because you poured something of yourself into it rather than just picking it off the shelf like so many other people frequently do.

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