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Tradition dictates you have to spend about two month’s wages on an engagement ring, but there are so many options to consider when it comes to buying one, that the average figure doesn’t hold true.

The ring you settle on will be governed by several factors: the diamond cut, size, colour and clarity and the metal your partner wants. Even the shape of the diamond will make a difference to the cost.

Before you head off to check out the exquisite selection of diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, here are 10 interesting facts.

10 Fun Facts about Engagement Rings

  1. A round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape. Depending on which design you choose, it will show off the diamond well. Round also allows for maximum brilliance and light.
  1. IGI and GIA are the most respected diamond grading labs on the planet. The labs grade diamonds so you know what you’re getting. If the diamond you like doesn’t have a certificate, you may want to think twice before buying it.
  1. Buying a diamond online can mean saving as much as 20 – 25 percent as opposed to buying the engagement ring in a store. Many online businesses will include sales tax and the rings are usually cheaper since businesses have lower operating costs.
  1. Buying an engagement ring first became a tradition in 1477. It was the Archduke Maximillian of Austria who offered Mary of Burgundy a gold ring that was set with a diamond as a token of his love.
  1. The web has been taken over with jewellery engagement ring animation. These are interactive sites that allow customers to get a better idea of how the ring will look in detail.
  1. The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand started in ancient cultures, who believed that we had a special vein running directly to our hearts called Vena Amoris – which meant the vein of love.
  1. The word “diamond” actually originates from a Greek word, “adamant” that translate as invincible or steadfast. Diamond gets its name from this word. Diamonds are considered to be indestructible but while they are an incredibly hard material, they are fairly brittle so don’t try to smash your diamond with a hammer to test it!
  1. A great deal of the diamonds you see online are really models and not authentic. The rings are computer generated to look like the real deal since standard photography just doesn’t do diamonds justice any more.
  1. Countries such as Canada, France, England, and the United States traditionally wear their engagement rings on the left hand. However, in Russia, India and Germany, people wear the ring on their right hand.
  1. Some engagement rings are also used as wedding bands. Many people still choose to have a separate wedding band, but there are many designs that now incorporate this.

Are you ready to pop the question? Make sure you know what your partner will like; you can even take her shopping with you!

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