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Finding the right metal for your wedding band can be just as imperative as finding the perfect certified diamond. Before you begin, consider her style. Are you trying to match the engagement ring? Will that matter to her if they’re almost exactly the same? Does she have metal allergies because if she does, then you’ll want to steer clear of lower carat gold which is mixed with copper or nickel. This guide will help you compare both durability and shine, as well as consider her taste and lifestyle.

  • Platinum-Platinum is a rare, white metal, traditionally at least 95 percent pure. This makes it a popular choice for brides with skin allergies or contact dermatitis as platinum is hypoallergenic. In addition, platinum is very durable, so your sparkling diamond will remain safe in its platinum prongs. Though your ring may get scratched, platinum bands don’t lose much metal and retain their satin finish for years to come.
  • 18 Carat Gold– Gold is still a classic and popular option. It consists of 75% pure gold and 25% pure alloys. It’s less expensive than platinum and generally does not tarnish and is easy to repair if needed. While yellow gold is traditional, some brides prefer other styles such as white gold, which is yellow gold dipped in rhodium.
  • Rose Gold-Rose gold is pink tinted gold with copper alloy. The more copper is in it, the rosier it looks. Therefore, it doesn’t work well with sensitive skin. For many others, it’s becoming a popular choice, especially in two-tone or three tone rings due to the meaning. Traditionally, white gold signifies friendship, yellow gold signifies fidelity, and rose gold means love.
  • Palladium- Palladium is similar to platinum in that it is a natural white metal but it is less expensive. This is because it’s lighter than platinum. Just like platinum, it’s hypoallergenic, and it is resistant to scratches, as well as tarnishing and oxidation. It’s a great choice for brides that want the look of platinum but can’t afford it.

If you need assistance, check out this collection of fabulous women’s wedding rings to get a feel of different kinds.

Other Tips When Selecting Metal Bands

  • Research the precious metal strength. Palladium and Platinum are the strongest and you can get almost pure gold but it’s too soft to be durable for rings.
  • Consider the aftercare you’ll have to do, such as re-dipping and re-plating frequently for white gold rings. It’s easier to care for yellow gold or platinum rings though platinum rings need to be cleaned by a professional to keep its lustrous shine.
  • Think long term. Remember you’ll be wearing this ring a good 30 or 40 years. Is the band something you see yourself liking for years to come and fitting in with your everyday lifestyle?

I hope that this article has helped you in choosing the perfect metal for your ring. If you have other tips to add, leave a comment in the Comments section.

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