Silly Myths about Buying Antique Engagement Rings Debunked


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You visualize the moment over and over again. It’s time to get down on one knee and pop the question but you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on which engagement ring to buy. You have probably done a bit of research, taken a peek at your future fiancés jewellery collection (always a good idea) to get an idea of what they like.

It’s all well and good but you’ll need to get a direction to head in to get things going. If you are on the verge of deciding between a high-street engagement ring or something a little more unique by going vintage.

It could be that you have been playing with the idea of buying your loved one a treasured antique engagement ring. However, you have heard mixed reviews. There are plenty of myths floating around the internet about the potential downsides of doing so. That’s why we are setting things straight. This article aims to clarify a thing or two you might have heard.

Firstly however, it helps if you have a trusted source. Despite what you read, you should only buy from a trusted jeweller such as Kalmar Antiques. They have decades of experience and are an established antique jewellery supplier in Australia.

If you wanted to start your search, why not start somewhere you know is a certified and reputable dealer? Kalmar Antiques offer a stunning range of classic rings perfect for any engagement.

So, let’s start demystifying these myths:

  1. You will have to pay up a good few months’ worth of wages.

Okay, so you know it’s probably not going to be cheap to buy an engaging ring already but this myth has become known as a standard in today’s culture. This figure is not exactly truthful and was put out there by jewellery companies many years ago in hopes of making people spend more on engagement jewellery. The thing people don’t realize is there are affordable vintage rings available and now you have the power of online search, it’s much easier to come across the good deals. Don’t listen to the stats and go with the budget you are comfortable with.

2. It’s all about large diamonds.

 Again, this a common mistake people think. Size isn’t everything and especially for diamonds. In fact, it’s the cut of the diamond, not the carat that increases the diamond’s shine and sparkle. So if you want your antique engagement ring to contain a diamond, don’t think you have to go above and beyond your budget to dazzle your fiancé. You can see a collection of rings here.

3. Second hand diamonds are unlucky!

 There’s no need to be superstitious when it comes down to older diamonds. There are several reasons a diamond engagement ring may have been ‘recycled’ and we are aware of lots of husbands and wives still happily married years on from buying their antique ring.

4. Never go shopping with your partner.

It has been known that you shouldn’t find the engagement ring with your other half. People feel it will spoil the surprise or might be bad luck but sometimes it pays to be pragmatic. If you want to make the right choice, involving your fiancé in something they are going to be wearing their whole lives is no biggie.

Now you know these myths are just hype, it’s time to start searching for the antique engagement ring your fiancé will fall head over heels for!

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