5 Things a Guy Must Do Before Shopping For A Wedding Ring


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Have you already given every hint possible but it seems like your guy is still no closer to popping the big question? Don’t fret. Buying an engagement ring, and much more a wedding ring, is surely a challenging, and expensive thing every man will face in their lifetime. Before your man purchases a ring and ask that all-important question (which are really the easy parts in comparison), make sure that the two of you have talked about every aspect of it. So if you feel like your man seems to be putting it off, don’t be worried as he might just be taking his time to plan everything. And if that doesn’t really bring you peace of mind, go ahead and share this list with him as a hint that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.

5 Things to Do Before Shopping for the Ring

Nobody expects the guy to become a diamond expert; he does have a new vocabulary to start learning. He will at least need to have an understanding of the four C’s – carat, cut, clarity, and colour – before he even has the faintest idea of what he’s looking at. Once he has the four C’s covered, he can head over and see the finely-detailed diamond wedding rings in your trusted jewellery shop.

  1. Set a budget.

The next thing the guy has to do is determine more or less how much he can afford to spend on the ring and how to cut that final cost without foregoing integrity, and then he needs to get to work saving that money before he can use it on a ring.

  1. Figure out your preferred style and size.

Once your man has a budget and understood the different aspects of a ring, he needs to figure out your ring size and the style that you want. Many guys have been known to take a ring out of their soon-to-be fiancé’s jewellery box, measure the ring against their own fingers, or even press one of the rings into a cake of soap and take it to the jeweller as an indication of size. Of course, none of these are 100 percent guaranteed, and they can sure make him feel more nervous. Choosing the perfect style that she can’t resist requires a great deal of advanced planning.

  1. Find premier jewellers. 

By this stage, you now have an idea on the kind of ring that you’re looking for. Make sure to shop around and talk to various shopping partners (such as your best friend, or his mother), double-check return and insurance policies, and check again. Then you can head to a premier jeweller like The Diamond Jewellery Studio to pick the perfect ring.

  1. Talk to the family.

In this day and age, it can be confusing whether or not a man should request a father’s permission to marry his daughter. Many couples skip that part but there are just some traditions that you can’t get rid of. As a man, make sure you would have the courage to ask her family. Working out the perfect plan to do so without the girl knowing needs more time and effort on your part. Make sure to do this before you buy a ring for her.

Take note of the points discussed above whenever you’re planning to purchase a wedding ring. If you have other tips you’d like to add, share it to us in the comments below.

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