Top 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tree Removal Company


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At first glance, hiring a company or a person to remove trees from your property doesn’t seem like it requires much consideration, but actually it is a topic that needs close attention. Tree removing requires an expert who has knowledge and skills in this particular field. Hiring an amateur can result in great damage to your home.

Before you hire any company, make sure you have asked these following 8 questions:

1) How long has the company been running?

The more experience they have, the better they are likely to be at their job. If they have been in the business for a long time, it means not only that they have the skills, but they also must have enough satisfied repeat customers to continue to thrive.

2) Do they have insurance?

You have to make sure that the tree removal company you are hiring has insurance that covers all incidents that might happen during the working process. This is important in order to make sure that you will not be liable for any negative consequences of their actions. Make sure that the insurance covers all damage and injuries that might occur to your property and your neighbours’.

3) Do they have proper credentials?

Check if they have any certification that can prove their expertise in the field of tree removal. Hiring an amateur tree removal company can cause damages to your family and/or your property, as tree removing requires particular set of skills and expert knowledge.

4) Can they give you referrals?

It is normal and important to ask the company for references from customers who have used their service before or had similar work done. Knowing their client’s feedback can give you a good idea of the company, how they work and how people feel from working with them. Do they deliver the job without mistakes? Do they finish to the pre agreed deadline? Do they clean up the mess after everything is done? These details are really important for you to know before consider hiring a tree removal specialist.

5) Do they have professional equipment?

Tree removal requires specific types of equipment and you want to make sure that the company you are hiring have them, and use them. Communicate with them first about what needs to be done so they know if they have the right tool for the job or not.

6) Are they willing to give you price estimates?

If they refuse to give a quote or a price estimate, turn your back on them immediately. A professional and credible company should have no problem giving you price estimates. If you agreed to hire one without seeing the estimates first, it is quite likely that you will end up getting ripped off.

7) How long will the process take?

Get estimate work-hours from each company to compare. This is very important. One company might say it will take about a day, while others might say 5-6 hours for the same type of service. It gives you the idea of the average time it will take and use these estimates to rule out the one that differ from others.

8) Have they been knocking on your door?

If they are a door-to-door contractor, just say goodbye to them! Reliable tree removal companies will never knock on doors looking for clients. They wouldn’t have to, since clients will go to them. If they have to go knocking on doors, it implies that they are amateurs. And we cannot stress enough how hiring an unskilled tree removal company can do harm to your property.

Apart from getting the job done, another top priority is to protect your safety and your assets; again this is not such an issue if you’ve found a reputable firm to do the job. Now that you know what you need to ask before getting yourself a specialist to remove your trees, you can easily rule out those disreputable firms.

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  • Scott

    Written on January 13, 2017

    I like that you point out to ask how long the process to remove the tree will take. This seems like it would be useful to know so that you can plan the rest of your day out, and know if it will take multiple days to do. My sister is wanting to remove a huge tree in her front yard. I’ll have to make sure she asks this before having someone come in to remove it.