How do you measure time?


I measure it in experiences… Those little bits of moments that bring explosions of happiness to my soul and enchant my mind. I love life and I try to make it as beautiful as possible, every single day.


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One of the joys of my life is to travel, and travelling is the most complete experience for me. It feasts my eyes, my soul, my mind and taste buds. I love to discover a new place from all perspectives: the sights, the landscape, the people, the food and the culture.

I travel with an open mind and an open soul and I always try to go off the beaten track and try to discover the true atmosphere of a place. I try to wander the streets of residential neighborhoods, away from the main sights and crowds of tourists, to eat in the small restaurants in these areas and discover the real local food, talk to the people and do a lot of online research before. And it’s the best way to travel for me, as travelling is more than just ticking objective after objective from a predefined list. I was lucky enough to have a job that offered me travelling experiences in places I might not have considered visiting but also the chance of sharing these experiences with local people that unveiled the true wonders of the countries and cities I visited.

Let’s enjoy today #HappyMonday

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And a trusty companion for me while travelling, besides my phone which doubles as a camera because I am too lazy to carry a second object with me just for the purpose of taking photos, is my watch.

My phone will automatically update to the local time and having my watch on my home time will make me feel closer to my loved ones and easily remember me when to call them and when not to disturb. My watch is also a trusty conversation subject, as people always notice it and ask me where I have it from and how they could get their own little jewel. As you can se in my Instagrams above, I wore my DanielWellington watch during my last holidays every day.

And now, just in time for the holidays, you could buy your own trusty companion using the code PROJECTFAIRYTALE on the DanielWellington website you will get 15% off your purchase. A perfect present for a loved one or even yourself (I got one for me and one for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift, cannot wait to show them to you and wear mine).

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