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December is already here and just before I start posting giftguides and wishlists and other ideas for great celebrations I wanted to write something about my love for Christmas. Many people could be inclined, if they are only now getting acquainted with me, to believe I love Christmas because of the decorations, presents and wine. Which is partially true, I do love all these elements of the holidays but this is not what it is about.

When I was a child it was about my parents coming to visit my grandparents where me and my brother were staying, when I went to school it was about winter holiday and the long trip to visit my grandparents and my brother, when I got older my grandparents used to come to visit us in the city and we loved the long walks we used to take from my aunt’s home to the city center to watch the lights and give Santa time to leave the presents under the tree and now it is all about spending time with my family. Enjoying their presence, indulging in industrial quantities of home-made food, drinking wine and being merry (that includes constant jokes and making fun at each other in a loving way).

So you see, Christmas is about time and celebration. Time with your loved ones, when you put aside your thoughts about the reports and projects you have to manage, when thinking about your job is no longer a priority and all you worry about is to make sure you will not burn the cookies and the cat will not take down the tree.


And to help you celebrate this wonderful time with your loved ones, Daniel Wellington has prepared a lot of surprises on their website and don’t forget, using the code “PROJECTFAIRYTALE” at checkout you will get 15% off any order. Plus shipping and returns are free.

I already ordered the perfect gift for my love <3<3<3

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