8 Essentials for a Holiday Party


Christmas is almost here (and panic is slowly installing in my mind, since not all the presents are bought and the house is not Christmas ready either). And I bet most of you, if you are not the darkness loving mouse I pretend to be, will get dragged or happily attend at least one Christmas Party. Or at least one decadent celebration of the New Year. So you will most certainly get to the point where the “What am I going to wear?” question will creep into your head and make you compulsively buy all the things you will not need. So to save your time, that should be better invested into your family, and also your wallet, which probably suffered during the presents buying trips of the last weeks, I thought we might go through a list of essentials you could keep in your closet to cover all the holidays fashion emergencies.

You do not need to buy 3 separate looks if you will attend three separate parties / gatherings during this season, you just need to carefully select and mix what you already have.

So, let’s go, I have a ton of other things to finish today :/

1. Sparkles: I am one that truly believes in the power of sparkles and what better time to wear them than for the holidays. Now, it is up to you how you wish to integrate them to your outfit, but even the simplest combo of a dark sweater and jeans can become festive with a sequined accessory.

2. Velvet: velvet will add a festive feel to any outfit. And a coat with a velvety finish will certainly upgrade your look.

3. Metallic accessories – because if you do not wear them now, when would the occasion be more appropriate.

4. Red anything – from a dress to nail polish or underwear, you need to wear a little red for this seasons celebrations.

5. A pair of perfect pumps to make you feel your best

6. Something featuring the Christmas theme: a sweater, raindeer antlers, a pretty brooch, you need to spread the magic all around you.

7. The perfect lipstick in a rich shade: this is no time to rock your neutrals, dare and be bold with vibrant lips.

8. A happy smile and a positive attitude because they will be the best companions for any party (and make sure you take them with you for your New Year’s Eve Party, to have them around for all of 2017).

You have below an exemplification of what I wrote above, it might be helpful for those who, like me, need also some visual things to tie the text to 🙂

And you can check out Bonobo’s too for the perfect men’s look!

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