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If you ever find yourself stumped for a gift, the go-to, always appreciated present is, hands-down — silver jewellery. Silver jewellery is worn by the most fashion forward men and women. It’s a staple that can be made for the hippest person in the room, as well as the most traditional.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, a friend or a loved one, you can find some amazing sterling silver jewellery from Silver by Mail. It’s a great resource; and the comprehensive site, available 24-7, allows you to peruse and choose at whatever time of day you like.

Silver jewellery offers the wearer a versatility that is not often found with other metals, and, notably, yellow gold. Sterling silver coordinating sets may be the most perfect occasion gift – pair up earrings with a necklace or brooch. Whether you are fond of all black, bold primary colours or pastels, silver will completely enhance your wardrobe. This means, the sterling silver jewellery set you wear with jeans and a colourful jumper will easily complement over to the evening, when you change into a midnight blue cocktail dress with high-heeled pumps.

Look for a set to coordinate with your favourite outfit and you’ll find it will go with pretty much everything you own.  And, if you’re gifting the sterling silver jewellery set, the recipient will find that it will go with everything in her closet.

Today’s men love the stylish cool look of a sturdy silver bracelet they can wear daily – and these manly bracelets are being worn by guys as young as in their teens to gentlemen “of a certain age.” And the most trend-setting celebs are among the first to don sterling silver.

Amongst the male stars who’ve chosen sterling silver jewellery accents are:

  • “Ironman” star Robert Downey Jr. has a favourite necklace he’s rarely seen without – a large bull (replete with horns) pendant on a leather cord.
  • Grammy-winner and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson has been seen on the red carpet wearing sterling silver earrings, a necklace and pendant, rings as well as a bracelet.
  • “True Blood” and “Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello is fond of wearing a large statement sterling silver ring – in the shape of a skull.
  • Actor Mark Wahlberg has been seen wearing a sterling silver gun pendant on a leather cord around his neck.
  • “Twilight Saga” star Robert Pattinson has been seen wearing a chunky silver link bracelet, and pairing it with a studded leather jacket.
  • Holding a mike as he drops his wisdom, singer Nas often shows off large index and pinky rings, as well as layered necklaces in sterling silver.
  • Jane’s Addiction/Porno for Pyros and Satellite Party frontman Perry Farrell goes all out with bold sterling silver necklaces, layering several different styles.

In colour psychology, silver has “a feminine energy,” and related “to the moon and flow of tides.” It’s fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious, and also soothing, calming and purifying. So for those who believe in such things, not only is silver beautiful to wear, it can infuse the wearer with great energy. People who favour silver are supposedly intuitive and insightful, introspective, imaginative, creative and great at expressing themselves using the written word. There’s a reason why silver jewellery goes with anything: “it is a colour that works well with most other colours – it illuminates and reflects the energy of those colours which surround it.”

If you’ve ever taken a cruise to Mexico, the first thing shipboard advisers tells visitors is to be wary of a similar metal to silver that unscrupulous vendors often use to dupe unknowing customers (it may be marked Sterling “Alpaca”). Don’t be that person and know how to identify actual sterling silver.

Meanwhile, BBC News and writer Ed Lowther took a look at “A short history of the pound,” which explains how a “pound” originally meant an actual pound of silver.

With all the points and resources provided above, one can safely say that sterling silver is and will always be popular for many years.

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