20 Ethnic Rugs for Your Living Room Below 500$

@projectfairytale: 20 ETHNIC RUGS FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM BELOW 500$

While renovating my home I came to the conclusion that the rug is an essential piece that can influence both the atmosphere of the space and your mood if chosen right (or wrong, the influence will be a negative one). The fun part is that I only discovered that after buying the rug and putting it in its designated place. In that very moment I felt that things are finally coming together and a feeling of serenity filled the whole room. It is true that I chose a rug in shades of blue and off white, colors that induce calm. And that is why I have made a selection of ethnic rugs, many of them in shades of blue, that would really bring to life any living space: be it a living or dining room but also a spacious bedroom.

Some of them are on sale, but all of them have prices below 500$. I am already making plans with a couple of them, I really feel the need for a change of decor. Does that happen to you too?
Which one is your favourite?

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