My Top 10 Picks for an Elegant Halloween Décor

@projectfairytale: Elegant Halloween Decor

I am quite a fan of Halloween but I do not really associate it with the parties in clubs, like it is done here, in Romania, I like more of a traditional approach, more domestic. It reminds me of the celebration when I was a kid in a small Transylvanian town where the majority of the population would celebrate it by carving pumpkins and going to the cemetery to light a candle on their relatives’ graves. For me it was a magical time, the countdown for Christmas started after this.

The problem today, if you want to celebrate Halloween at home, you usually find only kitschy, ugly decorations and stupid costumes. And I have that. I cannot pollute my home with plastic spiders and fake webbs. So I started searching online for something simple, on the minimalistic side that would still bring the spirit inside my home.

And these are my top 10 picks for this year’s elegant celebrations:

Here are a few inspiring ideas of decorating elegantly for Halloween:

@projectfairytale: Elegant Halloween Decor

@projectfairytale: Elegant Halloween Decor

@projectfairytale: Elegant Halloween Decor

@projectfairytale: Elegant Halloween Decor

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