The Greatest Gift of Them All


I mentioned previously my love for Christmas many times and shared with you my family’s traditions past and present, offered suggestions for gifts and recipes for delicious treats. But we never discussed here about the most precious gift of them all. This is not a gift that can be bought and it will probably sound like an old fashioned cliché, but the best gift in the world for those around you care about and care about you is TIME. Your time, given freely to them, moments together spent doing what all of you love, without caring about the outside world, leaving aside your phones and notifications.

This is what I like to do on the 24th of December: go to my parents’ home after lunch, set up the Christmas tree, decorate it while waiting for my mother to come from work (she works almost always on the 24 as she is working in a hospital), then have mulled wine with my parents and start cooking the delicious things we will enjoy that evening and the next day. We try to hide the presents under the tree and hope our surprises will be perfect. We then enjoy dinner together and have a fun night sharing the presents.

And what could be a better “physical” present to accompany this idea of giving time than a watch? My favourite watch manufacturers, Daniel Wellington have prepared a surprise for you: a 15% discount if you use the code “sinziana”. And throughout December, Daniel Wellington has some sweet holiday offers on their website.

What was the greatest gift you ever got for Christmas?

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