Escaping the Winter Chill? Here’s What You’ll Need To Pack


To some people, there’s nothing better than enjoying month after month of cold weather. The chill is outside, and they’re inside, nice and warm; it allows them to adopt the ‘hygge’ mentality, building up their energy for the busy spring and summer months that lie ahead. Of course, many more people consider these people crazy. Why tolerate the cold weather when warmth is just one short flight away? Going on a trip during the winter months is a great way to break up the cold winter months! Below, we take a look at everything you’ll need to pack for your trip.



Strong Skin Game

Yes, we know that you’re probably looking forward to finally giving your skin some sunshine, but remember: it’s been a long time since it has felt the power of the sun, so it’s important that you take some steps to ensure you’re well protected. In your luggage, make sure you’re taking plenty of sun lotion, moisturisers, and other essential skin regime staples. Also, don’t forget that if you want your healthy glow to last the length of winter once you’re back home, you’ll need to have a strong exfoliator with you so that the sun can hit those new cycle cells.

Looking Stylish

You might be only thinking about the beach that awaits you (more on that later), but you’ll need to keep in mind that it’s not going to be all sun, sand, and sea. You’ll be exploring the town you’re visiting, eating meals, visiting bars for evening drinks, and so on. As such, you’ll want to make sure that you have some clothes that’ll have you looking the part during your travels. Of course, you can’t take everything with you – luggage limits that – so pick your favourite jeans, shirts, and shoes, and keep them in a rotation while you’re away.

The Beach Essentials

And now to the really good stuff: the beach! This is what you’ll be travelling for, so you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy it in style. It may be winter at home, but it’ll be all about the summer flip flops when you’re basking in the sunshine. You’ll also want to have a sarong, which will keep you covered and cool as you go to and from the beach, and a hat with matching sunglasses. There you are: you’re beach ready!

The Investment Pieces

Think it’s strange that we didn’t mention a bikini in the essential beach items? That’s because they should fall into a category of their own: “the investment pieces.” These are the items where it’s worth spending a bit more time and money ensuring you get it just right. If you buy right, your bikini will look like it was made with you in mind, and can be worn again and again. Also in this category is a stunning summer maxi dress. Buy one that’s perfect for you, and you’ll have a key part of your summer wardrobe taken care of for years.

The Evening Chill

Now, we don’t want to burst your bubble, but it’s worth being prepared for some chilly weather. Even if where you’re travelling to is supposed to be nice and sunny during the day, during the winter there’s always a chance that the temperature will dip more than usual after the sun sets. As such, you’ll need to pack some warmer clothes, such as jeans and a few light jumpers. After all, you don’t want to have to leave the beach after you’ve watched a gorgeous sunset just because you’re getting too cold

Looking Ahead to 2018 Fashions

You’re a smart one. You’re escaping the cold, have an opportunity to get yourself a tan even during the winter, and, to top things off, you’ll be able to get a head start with all the fashions that everyone else is going to be wearing later on in 2018. The early signs of what’s going to be big come June are just beginning to get announced, but everyone, at the moment, is far too cold to wear them! If you’ve got your hands on them, you’ll be a trendsetter…just remember to post the photographs on social media so you can prove that you were ahead of the curve.

Final Thoughts

There are many great reasons to take a trip to the sun during winter. An escape from having to wear five layers, some much-needed vitamin D, and an excuse to top up your wardrobe with some new clothes. Sounds good to us!

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