Organising the Perfect Mer-Marriage

@projectfairytale Organising the Perfect Mer-Marriage

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Mermaids are a big trend right now, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re colourful, cute and sexy, oh and they have great hair!

If you’re a fan of mermaids and you’re looking for a unique theme for your wedding, going down the mermaid route and channelling your inner Ariel is a great way to go, but where go you start?

The Invitations

To start things off on the right note, and ensure that your friends get the message that this is going to be a mer-marriage, you need to pick the perfect invitations. You could go subtle by choosing sea-themed green or blue wedding invitations, or you could go really crazy and create glitter covered, mermaid adorned invitations that scream I am going to be a mermaid on my wedding day. The choice is yours.

The Venue

If you want your mermaid themed wedding to be a truly authentic fairytale, it makes sense to hold it either on a beach or in a venue that is by the sea. I mean, mermaids belong in the sea, so start scouting out the most pristine beach wedding destinations and book the one that screams mermaid to you as soon as you can!

But, if that’s not possible, you can transform any venue into a mermaid’s paradise by decorating it will lots of shells, sand and glitter. Watch The Little Mermaid if you need colour inspiration.

A third option would be getting married in an aquarium where you will be surrounded by water and the many creatures who make it their home there. The aquarium can be a surprisingly romantic place to say “ I do.” if you give it the chance.

The Hair

@projectfairytale rganising the Perfect Mer-Marriage

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We all know that mermaids have long, luscious hair that is frequently adorned with seashells, starfish, pearls and other things that you’d find in the sea. So, when it comes to your wedding hair, it’s time to go big or go home. Not only should you go big, but you might want to go bold, or at the very least pastel too. Why? Because mermaids don’t have boring hair. They have hair that’s pink, red, pastel green, purple or even some combination of them all!

The Dress

Wearing a mermaid tail and a bra made out of shells is probably a bit too much for even the most dedicated mermaid fan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the spirit of the mermaid to your wedding attire. Mermaid silhouette dresses are a thing, and they give the illusion of a tail while still allowing you to actually walk down the aisle. Find the perfect one for you, and you’ll look amazing!


Pearls and shells are the natural accessory choices for the mermaid bride because they both come from the sea and they are both quite pretty. Etsy is a good source of mermaid-esque jewellery if you’re wondering where to find some. Of course, if you’re a fan of keeping it simple, then, by all means, skip the water-based accessories and let the dress dot he speaking.

Forget the Flowers

@projectfairytale rganising the Perfect Mer-Marriage

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On the subject of shells, no respectable mermaid bride would be seen walking down the aisle with flowers that grow in the earth – they use shells and sea plants to create a totally unique bouquet that is even more beautiful than the most expensive bouquet in the shop. You can find out how to make one here. Give it a go; it’s easier than you might think and it looks amazing.

Seafoam Green is the Colour for Your Cake

The wedding cake is the centrepiece of every good wedding, so you’ll want yours to look good. Might I suggest that you first it with seafoam green icing and cover it with chocolate seashells? You can’t get much more mermaid than that.

Seaglass Seating Arrangements

What better way to tell your guests where they will be sitting than with sea glass that’s been expertly etched with their name? It’s glittery and of the sea – everything that you’d expect to find in a fairytale mermaid wedding.

Place the Ring in a Shell

@projectfairytale rganising the Perfect Mer-Marriage

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When the best man hands the rings to the groom, instead of handing them over in the average jewellery box, or without any container at all, have him hand over an oyster shell that has been opened, had the rings placed inside and closed again. It’s a little touch but one that will really help the theme to come together.

I hope these ideas help you organized the mer-marriage of your dreams.

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