Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Beware of Bleaching!

@projectfairytale: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Beware of Bleaching!

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Blonde hair can look truly beautiful, whether it’s a head of golden locks, balayage or a couple of sunkissed highlights. Blonde hair represents youth and vitality, and naturally it’s pretty rare which is perhaps why it’s so highly coveted. But the process of achieving blonde hair can be arduous, bleaching involves an irreversible chemical reaction which reacts with the melanin (natural hair colouring) inside the hair shaft. If you fancy lighter locks, it’s always worth going to a hairdresser rather than attempt it yourself. If you’re not convinced- read on.

It Can Turn Many Unflattering Brassy Shades

It’s not quite as simple as applying a bleach to your hair, and when you wash it off you’re left with gorgeous blonde locks. In order to lighten your hair, bleach needs to go through a lightening process- and you can be left with a number of unflattering brassy shades. When you’re starting with dyed, or very dark hair the bleach will have to process through varying shades of red, orange and yellow until it reaches blonde. It’s only then (when your hair is as light yellow as the inside of a banana) you can use toners to correct the colour to get it to the nice clean blonde that you want. Each bleach you apply will only lift the hair a certain number of levels, which can mean repeated bleaching to get it the shade you want. However the problem with doing this is highlighted below.

It Can Snap Off

When you go to a hairdresser, they will lighten your hair in stages leaving plenty of time between each session for your hair to recover. If you’re bleaching at home, it’s so easy to want to keep bleaching to get the shade that you want, before you know it you’ve completely destroyed your hair. If you want to know how you can repair fried hair you can discover more here, however past a certain point there will be nothing you can do. Hair that is too damaged will simply have to be cut off, and that’s if it hasn’t already snapped off somewhere near the root. Bleach packs might be sold in supermarkets so seem harmless, but these are some serious chemicals that aren’t to be messed around with. Just look on Youtube for bleaching fails, so many people have utterly destroyed their hair by trying to lighten it at home without the right knowledge.

It Can Be Difficult to Maintain

Even if you go to a hairdresser and get the blonde hair that you want, that’s just the start. After you bleach your hair, your hair care needs change forever (or until it’s completely grown out!) Bleached hair is drier, more brittle and more prone to damage and so you have to commit to proper hair care and buying the right products to maintain it. You may need regular professional deep conditioning treatments at the salon, and toning treatments to fix the colour which can develop brassy tones over time. If you’ve gone with a full head of blonde or lots of highlights, you also need to commit to having your roots done regularly.

Blonde hair is gorgeous but it’s a big decision. Think carefully before having it done, and always use a professional!

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