Essential Bathroom Maintenance Tips

@projectfairytale: Essential Bathroom Maintenance Tips

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Bathroom Maintenance Cleaning

Regular bathroom maintenance and cleaning are an essential part of looking after your house, and keeping on top of it, is the smart thing to do, as it proves very cost effective in the long run. Spotting and dealing with mould, mildew, or leaks at an early stage is definitely the best way to avoid major problems.

One aspect of maintenance in the bathroom is simply regular and thorough cleaning, to keep everything looking shiny and looking their best. Your local climate and the frequency the bathroom is used will determine how often it needs cleaning, but between once a week and once a month, a thorough clean is definitely in order. Cleaning the sink and toilet though, is not all there is to bathroom maintenance by a long way.

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist


To maintain an elegant bathroom suite, there are a number of tasks which need to be kept up with. Checking the caulking and grouting is a top priority. If either allow water to get behind the walls, you have a major problem on the way, and you won’t know how big the problem is until it is pretty bad. Check regularly and attend to either issue as soon as you see it. Cleaning the toilet is never a pleasant task, especially if it isn’t done regularly. It is a good idea to periodically run a cloth or paper towel around the base to check for any signs of water, which if found, is a sign the sealing ring is wearing out, which will continue to get worse.

Check the flotation device and see if water levels look normal. Bathroom sinks need regular cleaning as mould and gunk can build up quickly. Check around the fixtures for leaks, and under the sink too, and of course, any sealants between the sink and the wall. If you buy Grohe showers in the UK or another brand, the doors and curtains will still need cleaning, as mould will quickly grow left unattended.

Creating a New and Vibrant Look

Many bathrooms are fairly sparse and have no decoration, though a little thought can make the place look vibrant. A new coat of paint, with a carefully chosen shade, can have things looking bright and cheerful very simply. Painting the bathroom is something that pretty much anyone can handle, though choosing satin or semi-gloss paints is advisable as they are formulated to be resistant to mould, which is always a problem in an area that sees high levels of moisture.

It is worth checking out options for eliminating bathroom moisture, because it is very hard to get rid of mould once it has begun. Bathroom and shower mats and all other essential items from a reliable merchant can make things look nice. Though remember, for mats, that they see dirty feet on the way in and wet feet on the way out, so choose your colours wisely and make sure to wash them regularly too, as these too, can become grimy and mouldy, far faster than you might think.

Whether your bathroom is new, or old, keep it clean and sparkling and you are already half way towards avoiding hefty and expensive repairs, while knowing it shows visitors, you have pride in your home.

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