Do All Weddings Have To Be Holy?

@projectfairytale: Do All Weddings Have To Be Holy?

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In the eyes of god, only then can two people who love each other be recognized as one. At least, that’s why religious weddings pose to society. But why should this be the norm in today’s world where science is at the forefront of all humanity? What if you’re not religious or have any belief system that is involved in the worship of a deity? That doesn’t mean you cannot get married, and in fact, you may be part of the majority very soon. Weddings are a wonderful time of celebration. What are you really celebrating? The love of two human beings that have chosen to be with each other in among the sea of 7.5 billion other people. That’s incredibly special in and of itself. It doesn’t mean you lose any kind of magic feeling if you don’t want a priest or bishop to wed the bride and groom. In fact, nowadays it makes more sense to be seen as married in the eyes of the law. So what would you do if you’re two atheists of agnostics, who wish to be married?

@projectfairytale: Do All Weddings Have To Be Holy?

Image by Pixabay

Legal partnership

Religious entities will introduce a couple to the process of getting married well before the wedding day. They’ll be taught the ceremony and the words of their religious texts. Then after the holy matrimony, the couple will be directed to sign legal documents that essentially confirms their marriage license. This is the legal part, so in fact, all weddings need to be seen and recognized in the eyes of the law anyway. It makes the process much simpler for people with no faith. Civil partnerships are without holy acknowledgment or approval as well as no need to become legally attached to one another e.g. surname changes. This is truly the modern form of secular weddings. According to this wedding planning guide, more and more people are actually choosing less religious officers to have them wed. more officiants are being chosen to conduct civil ceremonies that may lack the holy feeling, but are in the fashion of treating the love you share as something extremely high nearing on sacred value.

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A meaningful place

Despite not wanting to be married in a church, you can still choose places of great significance. If you wish to express your love for your nation, by all means, get married in a venue that allows you to have a piece of history as part of your wedding day. Locations with castles are a popular choice for many as they have hundreds and hundreds of years of history bound in every brick of their walls. By that same token if somewhere important to you personally means a great deal such as where first met or fell in love, can be a place of meaning. You have much more freedom to get married wherever you wish if you’re not religious, so take the opportunity with both hands.

Not all weddings have to be holy, and in fact, trends are showing that less religious weddings are on the up and up. You can still have incredible meaning in your wedding, as places of true importance and expression of yourself can be your venues.

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